The counter is really a wooden spool getting a hole slightly bigger than the diameter of wire utilized. At the leading a metal gong is fixed by indicates of a lengthy threaded bolt, which may be seen at the top on the huge drawing in the left of this page.

Any long-handled wood mallet may possibly be employed. 1 might be produced by boring or sawing a hole in three 1 in. thick blocks of wood and gluing them on the end of a heavy pole fake cartier watch . The base from the striking board, shown in the substantial drawing, is of heavy building, 12 in. wide and 2-1/2 ft. lengthy. The striking arm, a robust, narrow board, is supported off center by two blocks screwed towards the base. Cover the striking finish with the arm using a piece of inner tubing, and place a modest covered block right away underneath in order that the arm will have an inch of free of charge play. Notches are reduce inside the other finish in the striking arm and base to match beneath the counter and about the brass wire track.

In setting up the striker, the base is held with long spikes driven into the ground. The upright is supported by two narrow boards with bent angle irons screwed towards the ends as inside the little drawing. In the major these supports are bolted to the upright, and at the bottom they may be spiked for the ground.

After the device has been set up, the tension on the wire track may possibly be adjusted so that a heavy hit by a young boy will send the counter properly up toward the gong. If it truly is as well sluggish, the track could be lubricated with vaseline. Only an incredibly powerful hit must be permitted to shoot the counter up far adequate to ring the bell u boat submarine , but this can be regulated to suit the ages of your kids making use of the higher striker.

Boys Can Possess a Carnival of Exciting with This Merely Constructed Higher Striker (Sep, 1933)

Boys Can Possess a Carnival of Exciting with This Basically Constructed Higher Striker

By George S. Greene

THIS diminutive "high striker," to get in touch with it by the appropriate carnival name, will compete with baseball in interest when boys collect on the sand lot or in the back yard. It calls for but little ground space and is just the thing, as well as homemade "rides" and chutes, for staging a productive children's carnival.

In all but size the striker follows the building of experienced carnival and fair models. The similarity could be further carried out by providing major, long chocolate cigars for ringing the bell, if prizes of any type are thought of required.

A pine board 3/4 by 5-1/2 in. by 10 ft. is ripped down to a width of 3-1/2 in., as well as the narrow piece reduce away is then screwed on to stiffen the back as shown in the modest drawing in the left. Right after a coat of shellac has been applied, the score numbers are lettered on the board a foot apart, replica watches best quality plus the entire is then varnished.

A length of sturdy, polished brass wire is used for the track on which the counter travels. The wire is supported at either end with compact corner braces, the tension being adjustable in the bottom by means of a threaded screw eye and nut as illustrated within the circle swiss replica cartier watch .

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